Fishing Adventures in New Zealand Honeymoon Packages

Fishing Adventures in New Zealand Honeymoon Packages

New Zealand lures fishing enthusiasts with its breathtaking landscape and luxurious lodges. Our experts will custom design an exceptional New Zealand fishing trip that exceeds your wildest expectations.

Explore the birthplace of bungee jumping, stargaze at one of the world’s largest dark-sky preserves and kayak along tranquil lakeshores that reflect snow-capped peaks – New Zealand is an ultimate destination for adventure and relaxation!

Sea Fishing

New Zealand’s coastal waters offer ample big game saltwater fishing opportunities. Game charters specialize in targeting striped, Pacific blue and black marlin as well as yellowtail, mako and hammerhead sharks.

Luxury fishing lodges adorning New Zealand’s beautiful oceans, lakes, rivers, and mountain streams offer world-class fresh- and saltwater angling experiences year-round. To guarantee yourself one of these exclusive fishing adventures early booking is essential!

Fly fishing for rainbow and brown trout in New Zealand’s breathtaking lakes and backcountry rivers can be truly rewarding, offering stunning scenery while trout are eager to take a fly presented in clear water environments.

On New Zealand’s South Island, you’ll find outstanding trout fishing on New Zealand’s lakes and rivers as well as exceptional fly fishing on New Zealand’s stunning glacier fed rivers and streams in Central Otago region and Southern Alps backcountry.

New Zealand provides exciting big game sea-fishing experiences for tuna and marlin enthusiasts looking for adventure. Expert guides operate charters that bring anglers directly to their desired species’ best spots – which becomes even more evident during February and March when marlin season ramps up as well as targeting kingfish and yellowfin tuna species; Bay of Islands being the go-to base.

Freshwater Fishing

New Zealand offers fly fishers a fly fishing paradise. Boasting unspoiled, crystal clear water, sight fishing for 5-10 pound wild brown trout is a memorable experience that will last a lifetime.

New Zealand boasts a variety of luxury lodges that provide world-class freshwater fishing adventures year-round, led by experienced guides at these luxury fishing lodges. Your experience guide can tailor the adventure according to your specific needs; choose between easy access rivers or more challenging backcountry creeks that require accurate casting – catch sizes are typically between 4 to 5 pounds on average but trophy fish (“double-digit”) are regularly caught.

From Nelson to Queenstown and everywhere in between, New Zealand’s beautiful National Parks provide incredible freshwater fishing opportunities. Their crystal-clear waters reflect snow-capped peaks while being surrounded by lush rainforest, alpine meadows, and rolling hills – an unparalleled fishing experience awaits those brave enough to explore them!

New Zealand offers an abundance of adventure activities, from the birthplace of bungee jumping to hiking the Routeburn and Milford Tracks, horseback riding through scenic landscapes and kayaking tranquil waters – even helicopter sightseeing can take place here! New Zealand’s natural beauty will enthrall and ignite your spirit of exploration!

Fly Fishing

New Zealand is an idyllic trout fishing destination. Its clear streams offer fly fishermen their dream destination; their catch rates often surpass any expectation they could ever dream of having!

Our guides and lodges offer world-class trout fishing adventures that are sure to exceed your expectations. From easy walking streams like Mataura and Wakaia to overnight backcountry missions on larger waters, you will experience some of New Zealand’s finest fly fishing opportunities for trout.

Helicopter-based trips are also offered on the North Island, offering opportunities to discover remote backcountry streams and lakes with expert fly fishing guides by your side. This experience is ideal for those bringing their own gear who wish to add another element of Kiwi fly fishing adventure.

South Island waters offer incredible trout fishing experiences across an incredible array of water types. Rivers, lakes and backcountry creeks boast big browns and rainbows to challenge even experienced fly anglers while sight casting to fish that often weigh over 10 pounds; an unforgettable experience that can only be described as unforgettable. Or if you prefer taking it easy you could always relax on one of their harbour nature cruises or vintage steamship cruises to Walter Peak High Country Farm.

Combination Trips

New Zealand is famous for its crystal clear streams, world-class fly fishing opportunities, magical forests, shooting geysers and natural hot pools; but there is much more to see and do here than these highlights alone. Discover secluded beaches, rugged mountains and wild coastlines as you journey across this remarkable nation!

Experience New Zealand’s breathtaking landscapes on this 14-day tour tailor-made just for you. Combine luxury and adventure on this unforgettable tour through its North and South Islands; see soaring peaks, mist-covered fiords, pristine lakes, waterfalls and glaciers along the way!

Hawkes Bay area in New Zealand is home to some of the best trout fishing. Spend two full days here fishing its braided rivers and lowland waters while taking advantage of other activities such as scenic cruising, sailing, diving, kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, bushwalking or romantic picnicking on your private island!

Peppers on the Point is located on Lake Rotorua and provides luxurious accommodation with stunning lakefront views and convenient access to world-renowned trout and salmon fishing. After spending your day out on the water, return home and feast upon what you caught at dinner!

Visit New Zealand is not complete without visiting Milford Sound, with its breathtaking fjords formed from glaciers in unspoiled wilderness. Explore this spectacular labyrinth of towering peaks, plunging valleys, and turquoise lakes on an extraordinary cruise through this magnificent natural phenomenon – truly one of its eight Natural Wonders of the World!