New Zealand Honeymoon Packages With Cooking Classes

New Zealand Honeymoon Packages with Cooking Classes

New Zealand Honeymoon Packages with Cooking Classes are perfect for couples seeking culinary adventures in this South Pacific nation, where breathtaking landscapes meet surprising cultural discoveries.

Ruth Pretty Cooking School(opens in new window), established by Ruth Pretty herself and known for its catering services and classes, provides paddock-to-plate cooking using local produce. Learn the secrets of creating paddock to plate dishes through local harvests!

A Taste of New Zealand’s Culture

New Zealand enchants romantic couples looking to embark on unforgettable honeymoon vacations, offering breathtaking mountain scenery and tasty wines, not to mention its fascinating culture with all of its rich traditions and customs.

Maori peoples have long been an integral part of New Zealand culture, their heritage influencing Kiwi language, arts, food and accents. From fighting for their homeland and sport to outdoor pursuits and cuisine – their history makes Maori one of the world’s most captivating cultures. Even today Maoris practice tattooing while using underground ovens called “hangi” to prepare traditional Maori dishes featuring root vegetables and meats.

Maoris once held dominion of most New Zealand islands until European settlement. Even then, battles raged for control until eventually Maoris were ousted in 1845 through military conquest. Maoris are known for their sense of community and hospitality as well as sharing stories and singing beautifully – to this day Maori meeting grounds (Marae) welcome visitors with challenges by warriors followed by welcoming ceremonies of chanting and singing called Powhiri ceremonies to make visitors feel at home.

Kiwis today are known for being welcoming, reserved people who value courtesy and generosity. Environmental concerns and pride in their country contribute to an abundance of creative culture in New Zealand; famous artists include Kiri Te Kanawa (a Maori soprano), Sir Peter Jackson (director of Lord of the Rings movies), Sam Hunt (a country singer). Tipping isn’t expected and many will help without being asked.

A Taste of New Zealand’s Cuisine

New Zealand cuisine rivals its spectacular natural surroundings in both beauty and flavor. Savor exquisite delicacies from wine regions that mirror France, such as Napier’s Hawke’s Bay region with syrah, pinot noir and Bordeaux blends as well as Martinborough in Wairarapa or Marlborough on South Island for world renowned sauvignon blanc wines.

Cooking classes offer the ideal way to immerse yourself in New Zealand cuisine and gain hands-on experience in the kitchen. Get creative and create paddock to plate dishes with Hapuku Lodge + Treehouses above Kaikoura Seaward Mountain Range or test out your baking abilities at Chelsea Bay Edmonds Baking School(opens in a new window).

Craft beers are another favourite in New Zealand and can be enjoyed at one of many microbreweries or pubs throughout the country. Take a behind the scenes tour at Monteiths Brewery in Wellington or try your luck in finding “Hobbit” ale at Green Dragon Inn Hobbiton Movie Set on the West Coast.

Welcome to New Zealand on a romantic 14-day adventure custom-tailored to your tastes, where elegant views of the Southern Alps await on a scenic train, while experience bucket list sunsets and stargazing from your luxury tented dome or pavilion at Longitude 131@. Or follow Hobbits to Middle Earth while sleeping among its fjords and glaciers of New Zealand’s North and South Islands!

A Taste of New Zealand’s Wine

New Zealand is famed for its delectable cuisine and award-winning wines, the perfect pairing with its breathtaking landscapes. Take part in a “paddock to plate” cooking class(opens in new window) at Hapuku Kitchen(opens in new window) or Akaroa Cooking School(opens in new window), or learn to bake pavlova and sponge cake creation with Chelsea Bay Edmonds Baking School(opens in new window).

Take part in a progressive winery dinner(opens in new window) in Hawke’s Bay and taste some of New Zealand’s premier wine regions of Napier and Marlborough with Alpine Wine Tours; explore Queenstown and Arrowtown vineyard tours led by Alpine Wine Tours; enjoy intimate behind-the-scenes brewery tours at Monteiths Brewery(opens in new window), Wellington or enjoy locally produced ales alongside your meal at Hobbiton Movie Set Green Dragon Inn(opens in new window)!

Romance resonates in New Zealand’s rugged wildernesses and hidden retreats, where serenity drifts on the breeze and indulgence reigns at lodges with stunning views. Experience New Zealand like never before by embarking on an adventurous honeymoon experience that takes you beyond ordinary travel to explore stunning glaciers, captivating Maori culture and charming heritage villages – making for an unforgettable honeymoon trip!

A Taste of New Zealand’s Honey

New Zealand provides the ideal setting for honeymooners seeking to experience Maori culture or sample some of Central Otago’s world-famous sauvignon blancs – from breathtaking landscapes, vibrant cities, and thrilling outdoor activities – perfect places to start life together as husband and wife!

New Zealand’s North and South Islands provide honeymoon couples with a distinct honeymoon experience, each offering something special for romantic moments and serenity. Escape to secluded beaches, island getaways and backcountry wonderlands where romance abounds while luxurious lodges provide the ideal atmosphere to walk hand-in-hand across landscapes rarely visited by others; enjoy helicoptering into stunning wilderness areas; and be welcomed by Maori people – the Maori people have something for every taste in terms of hospitality!

Get to know this amazing country by booking a luxury New Zealand honeymoon package. Choose from accommodations like deluxe hotels in city centers, cottages and villas by the sea, apartments or condos in rural settings and upgraded rooms awaiting your arrival with champagne and chocolates awaiting. Not forgetting New Zealand cuisine like its classic pavlova dessert with soft meringue layers filled with fruity sweetness as well as dishes cooked over traditional hangi pits; top it all off with hokey pokey ice cream as your final course!