Yoga and Wellness Retreats in New Zealand Honeymoon Packages

New Zealand yoga retreats provide classes to accommodate practitioners at every level; from beginners learning the fundamentals, to experienced yogis looking to advance their practice.

Revive & Thrive Retreat at Aro Ha is an eco-friendly custom retreat featuring daily Yoga, mindfulness and meditation practices as well as delicious vegetarian meals and lake paddles – providing an experience you won’t forget.


An exclusive New Zealand yoga and wellness honeymoon is the ideal way to rejuvenate yourself and rediscover yourself. Boasting idyllic beaches, lush native forests and crystal-clear bays – perfect places to unwind – as well as adventure activities, delicious cuisine, fine wine tasting and cultural experiences, your luxury New Zealand yoga and wellness honeymoon is an idyllic escape with exclusive lodges offering tailor made tours. You may just find paradise all for yourself.

New Zealand’s natural landscape will take your breath away whether you are new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, whether a novice or expert. There’s nowhere better to experience peace and rejuvenation than among nature with its sparkling lakes, miles of coastlines, snow-capped mountains and lush forests – no matter which retreats are available or which you decide on! You are sure to find one to meet all of your needs here.

Anahata Retreat is an eco-yoga retreat situated in Golden Bay on the north-western tip of South Island. It combines yoga with other wellness practices like meditation, breathing exercises and savasana (laying down meditation). Each program is custom tailored for every participant with one-on-one yoga sessions taught by expert teachers available upon request.


New Zealand offers the ideal natural landscape for yoga retreats, with sparkling lakes, snow-capped mountains and endless miles of coastline – it truly makes the ideal location. But more than its picturesque setting alone, a New Zealand yoga retreat goes further to help decompress and regain health – offering twice-daily yoga classes, meditation workshops, breath work sessions and sound healing as well as plant-based meals and eco accommodations – some even include spa services to soothe both body and mind!

Some yoga retreats are tailored specifically for specific levels of experience while others welcome all levels. Beginners can learn to incorporate yoga into their everyday lives while more experienced yogis can deepen their practice under an instructor. Some retreats also offer activities like hiking or surfing that you can include as part of their stay.

Aro Ha is a Glenorchy wellness retreat located in New Zealand that promotes full renewal of body and soul. Their program draws upon research to facilitate fundamental habit change. Activities to nourish your body include plant-based meals of superior quality as well as premium eco accommodation – guests enjoy stunning wilderness views from rooms built 10 meters up in the canopy of Kanuka trees!

South Island

New Zealand yoga and wellness retreats can be life-altering experiences. Not only will you learn to lead a healthier lifestyle, but you’ll also acquire valuable meditative skills that you can incorporate into daily life, which can leave you feeling revitalized and renewed.

New Zealand yoga retreats come in various varieties. Some are shorter while others last a week or more, and most feature set itineraries but with optional activities. Most also provide classes tailored for different experience levels to maximize your stay there.

New Zealand is truly unmatched when it comes to natural beauty and adventure, offering something for every visitor – be it Northland, Taupo hiking and surfing, Auckland city life or simply relaxing and rejuvenation! New Zealand truly has something to offer everyone!

For an unforgettable New Zealand honeymoon experience, head to the South Island. Here, you will discover an idyllic blend of pristine nature and cultural discoveries; beaches awash with turquoise water meet volcanic landscapes where gourmet dining experiences, world-class wine offerings and intimate spa services come together with exciting sports like mountain climbing, skiing and hot air ballooning to provide unforgettable adventures.


New Zealand yoga retreats can offer the ideal way to experience both relaxation and rejuvenation during a honeymoon trip. The country’s beautiful natural environment makes for an idyllic setting in which to recharge.

Choose from an array of retreats offering yoga classes and other activities, as well as extra perks like surfing or hiking New Zealand’s finest trails – these will add depth and dimension to your experience!

Sanctuary Hill Yoga Retreat in Taranaki is one of the premier New Zealand yoga retreats. Offering stunning views of Mount Taranaki, Sanctuary Hill provides daily yoga practice to promote holistic well-being as well as opportunities to explore its surroundings and take part in workshops or healing sessions.

Wanaka Retreat is another well-recognized New Zealand yoga retreat, offering workshops and practices designed to help find balance in your life, such as twice-daily yoga classes, meditation and breathwork sessions, sound healing sessions and delicious vegetarian meals served daily – not forgetting premium quality accommodation in beautiful surroundings.

This retreat is ideal for anyone seeking a peaceful nature experience and yoga on the beach while practicing. Activities included daily yoga practice, hikes through the mountains and relaxation in local hot pools.